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Gummy Smile




Quick, cost effective and non-invasive

Sometimes a smile that shows too much gum is caused if your lips pull back very far and expose a little too much gum in what would otherwise be a beautiful smile. This condition is known as hypermobile lips and it can be treated very successfully using BOTOX. Precise administration of small amounts of BOTOX to very specific areas can stop your lip from pulling back so hard and create a very natural, relaxed smile. The injection prevents the muscles that draw back your lips from contracting too much and exposing too much gum. It is a very straightforward procedure and you can return to your daily routine immediately after treatment with no downtime.

  • No downtime. Just continue with your day.

  • Straightforward, non-invasive treatment

  • Full effects within 2 weeks

  • Cost-effective treatment

Small doses of botulinum toxins are placed into specific muscles in (usually) your upper lip which prevents the lip muscles from contracting excessively. You will notice a difference straight away but it will take about a week for the full effect to kick in.

BOTOX for Gummy smile Drogheda

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